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Campus Location: Dunedin, New Zealand
Main Website: http://www.otago.ac.nz//
International Student Website: http://www.otago.ac.nz/international/

The University of Otago is New Zealand’s second highest ranked university, with especially high success of their Health, dentistry and commerce students. Founded in 1869, Otago is New Zealand’s first university, and will be celebrating it’s 150th anniversary in 2019. It was New Zealand’s first medical school, and this shows as they are a leading competitor in the medical and health fields. Otago’s faculty of Dentistry ranks among the world’s top 10 (8th in the 2015 QS rankings

Otago’s business school is Internationally accredited, holding AACSB and EQUIS accreditations. Otago graduates are recognized for their interpersonal and negotiating skills; their conceptual and analytical skills; and their independent judgement.

Almost 85% of students are from outside of Dunedin with students coming from all over New Zealand and other countries to not only attend Otago’s courses but to experience the famous Otago university culture in Dunedin. Dunedin has a well known student flatting culture where students can experience the beautiful city and surrounding landscape

The University of Otago has an excellent Commitment to pastoral care with extensive student services and support networks.

Student surveys show overwhelming satisfaction with services provided. (99% with campus safety; 98% with sport and recreation facilities; 96% with libraries; 96% with administration and support; 96% with residential colleges).*

96% of students provided a positive assessment of the general campus environment.*